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Van Oord

Van Oord

Surveyor at the port of Harwich

Van Oord, founded in 1868 is a Dutch company specializing in dredging, marine engineering, and offshore energy projects worldwide. Known for its involvement in projects such as land reclamation, harbor construction, dikes, and offshore oil and gas installations. As a surveyor, you supply the project teams on-site with topographical and hydrographic information.

Client - Van Oord

Agency - ClubgeistBVH

DOP - Mike Broeken

Camera operator - Julian van Geel

Edit - Mike Broeken

Art - Vivianne van Wessem

Copy - Jos Rouw

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Technical Superintendent

As a Technical Superintendent, you are responsible for the preparation, mobilization, execution, and demobilization of installation projects. You ensure compliance with project-specific requirements, safety, and the welfare of your team.

Mathilde at Van Oord

Discover Mathilde, the dedicated Surveyor at Van Oord, through our video testimonial set in the harbor of Harwich. Get a genuine sense of the dynamic life and innovative projects that define Van Oord. Ideal for a for a quick social media scroll.

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